It is obvious for a club to use sports fans’ cookie data to sell more tickets, season tickets, merchandise and find new volunteers among website visitors.

STEP helps clubs collect sports fan data (cookies) from the clubs’ websites and other data points (tickets, apps, newsletters). We collect cookies in the same way as newspapers do.

Did you know that it’s normal for a club to have access to more fandata id´s collected from the club’s website than TV viewers of the latest match? Here they give cookie permission, which means that the club can target/retarget the fans on their own website and on 3rd party websites. The club can now target fans with ticket and merchandise offers with a frequency of 3-5 times a day throughout the year – not just on match days.

If you already have a fan database, STEP can help you map the fan database to define the different segments. Not just age, gender, occupation and income, but also archetypes. Check out our archetype segmentation.

Here are the easy STEPs to sell more tickets, season tickets and merchandise:

  1. Reach out to STEP and let us tell you all about digital sponsorship and fan service
  2. STEP will handle everything from collecting data, GPDR/cookie consent, digital know-how and sales training, PowerBi which provides online reports on fans and sponsorship campaigns, legal documents and presentations. All in all, a plug and play solution.
  3. STEP sales – our consultants can participate in sales meetings, seminars, etc.
  4. STEP helps to find look alike audiences among the population in the club’s surroundings.
  5. Learn from our experience with other ticket sales or merchandise campaigns

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Mark has +5 years of experience within the Sport & Entertainment and media industry, where he has worked with sport sponsorships and activation across different media platforms. Mark can help you with insights on your fans/supporters and how to activate them for your own marketing activities or for your sponsors.