Using display ads for awareness is great. Conversions are even better

What’s a good CTR for display ads? One that makes them worthwhile.

Don’t waste your marketing spend – be precise, elegant and reach your target group with individually personalized digital communication. Fortunately, this is our home court.


As a sponsor you can target fans of a sport club y at the sport publisher’s own digital touchpoints (e.g. website, app, newsletter) and on 3rd party commercial sites. 24-7-365. That’s programmatic advertising taken to a new level.

For several reasons, that’s a great idea.

First, fans got true passion. This leads to a higher degree of preference and customer loyalty towards the sponsors in the sponsored segments. The higher the fan engagement the greater the sponsor effect!

The fan engagement factor creates higher revenue for sponsors as the customer conversion and the click through rates are higher than normal. Basically, that’s just better sport marketing.

It’s all about connections

STEP Sport & Entertainent is your gateway to premium content producing media. When you work with us, you can have your marketing campaigns published on anything from news- to niche media. From regional news sites to lifestyle magazines or even sites for used cars or real estate hunters. All the technical stuff has been standardized to make your access to tactical ad execution and awareness campaigns easy. And soon we’ll be covering Europe too. Are you ready?

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Then get in touch with Steen. He has worked with sponsorships (sports, culture and NGOs), analysis, activation and TV / media rights for +30 years in the Danish, European and global market. If you get hold of a friendly and calm man, you know you’ve gotten hold of the right Steen.