Easy booking of your digital sponsorship campaign

OneAd Sport is an easy campaign booking platform developed by STEP specifically for sport clubs and federations in order to utilize their data and bring their partners and sponsors closer to their fans.

Through a digital transformation, we’re using sport data to deliver high-performance campaigns to the sport clubs’ fans. No matter where they are.

ground-breaking results with click-through rates unlike ever before.


Benefits for advertisers

  • Direct booking on a sport club’s site
  • Access to 3rd party top sites
  • The ability to reach fans anywhere
  • The ability to target a specific audience with branding campaigns
  • Book campaigns across display and social – you don’t have to choose between display and Facebook anymore
  • Constant high performance by activating data and algorithm

Digital Sponsorship – directly on sports club’s sites

With this offering, you can book campaigns directly on sports club’s inventory with a fixed CPM price. You can also book directly as a part of a campaign setting. Choose all objective options and set the budget to automatic, which will distribute the budget according to desired split and delivery.

And did we mention that you also have access to booking campaigns on Facebook directly in just a few steps?

Facebook ads are activating your audience based on a sports clubs’ visitors and lookalikes.

You can run Facebook Ads as a part of a campaign set (recommended) or as a separate campaign.

Branding, tactical or both?

No matter the message you’re trying to send, we have got just the right format for the job.

Check out all our formats here 🚀

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Want to know more?

Mark has +5 years of experience within the Sport & Entertainment and media industry, where he has worked with sport sponsorships and activation across different media platforms. Mark can help you with insights on your fans/supporters and how to activate them for your own marketing activities or for your sponsors.