It’s good to have lots of
data. But it’s better to
have the most

With our data engine, we trust that we can take your digital marketing to a another dimension. The future. Because besides having the access to data, we have also developed technologies to structure and activate it.

For instance, we have made segments from 4,2 m. digital contacts, so we know what their archetypes are. That’s a data point no one else in the business has. We have specific sports fan data. And access to Gallup’s market data. We use all this data to automatize and personalize loyalty clubs, communication- and e-mail flows. It may sound complicated. And sure, it is! Good thing you have us. Together, we’ll reach the next level. “Advanced leved”. Game on?

Take a look below, if you would like to know more about how we create digital magic

Fan Engagement Factor

Sport club fans are in the market. Reach them through data insight.

Whether you’re are a fan of a football club – or any sport club – you will undoubtedly be more positive towards the sponsors of your team. This is what we call the fan engagement factor. Get to know more about how we can strengthen your relationship with your fans – and increase income here.

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Digital segmentation

You have your segmentation covered. We have the data to improve it.

STEP Sport & Entertainment supplies all basic digital behavioral segmentation to all our Sport and Entertainment publishers. Get to know more about how we combine data from a variety of options, create super optimized target groups take segmentation to the next level here.

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Digitilized Archetypes

Behavioral segmentation with archetypes makes your brand more relevant. We have knowledge and data of about 80% of the Danish population. Therefore, we have a deep understanding of who the Danes really are – as a group and as individuals. Get to know how we apply our archetype system to segmentation and make your campaigns hit the target every time.

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