Sport club fans are in the market. Reach them through data insight.

Whether you’re are a fan of a football club or an e-sport team you will undoubtedly be more positive towards the sponsors of your team. This is what we call the fan engagement factor.

It’s true passion – fans choose to participate in an event or as a fan of a club. This leads to a higher degree of preference and customer loyalty towards the sponsors in the sponsored segments. The higher the fan engagement the greater the sponsor effect!

The fan engagement factor creates higher revenue for sponsors as the customer conversion and the click through rates are higher than normal.

If sponsors have a relevant message and manage to activate their sponsorships and explain why they are a sponsor, the effect of the sponsorship will create more preference and more sales in the sponsored segment.

The Programmatic Sponsoreffect

The Easy Cookie Consent

With the decline of 3rd party, cookie consent is talk of town. And many different stories are being told. Basically, you need to have a cookie consent in order to use a fan id collected on your website. Compared to any other segment, the Sport and Entertainment business provides the best way to collect that consent as most fans love their club and have no problem with providing a digital consent. They’re a very engageable target group.

Data insights from STEP Sport & Entertainment and several clubs show that it is normal to have between 70-90% cookie consent in a fan segment!

Once there are no more “cookies” STEP will be ready with a variety of alternative solutions within segmentation. We already have probabilistic solutions working while several others are currently being tested.

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