Behavioral segmentation with archetypes makes your brand more relevant

At STEP we believe that everything great starts with knowing people. So, we made it our specialty. In everything we do, we work extensively with archetypes to help us define and target your exact main audiences, map their needs, and understand how they behave online.

We have knowledge and data of about 80% of the Danish population. That’s a lot! Therefore, we have a deep understanding of who the Danes really are. Both as a group and as individuals. And it’s all defined in our archetype system.

The archtype

The archetype system is a way to apply emotional and behavioral characteristics to any audience. It’s proven science. And it works.

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We have put all this knowledge in place for you, so you can target exactly the right and most relevant audiences. Here’s an example:

We know that knowledge-based betting is only relevant to approximately 15-20% of Danish football fans. Because we know how they behave online.

However, betting commercials are presented to a much broader audience, making them virtually irrelevant to 80-85 % of the fans watching them. With archetype-based communication, we can target the desired 15-20% of the fanbase and make the ad presence much more relevant.

As for the rest of the football fans, betting companies would be better off by targeting them with luck-based products like e.g., Lotto.

The last 2,000 campaigns run through STEP Network on average show a 3X better CTR than the market. This is because we know people. Period.

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Then get in touch with Steen. He has worked with sponsorships (sports, culture and NGOs), analysis, activation and TV / media rights for +30 years in the Danish, European and global market. If you get hold of a friendly and calm man, you know you’ve gotten hold of the right Steen.