You have your segmentation covered. We have the data to improve it.

You probably have a target group. Or at least a hypothesis. Maybe you already did some digital segmentation in your campaigns to test or confirm it. But with our help you can do even better.

STEP Sport & Entertainment supplies the basic digital segmentation to all our Sport and Entertainment publishers, e.g.:

  • Customer Behaviour
  • Web Search
  • URL Traffic
  • Data-Driven Segmentation
  • Look-a-Likes
  • Targeting/Retargeting
  • Geography
  • Demography

That’s great. But why stop there?

Always remember to optimize your campaigns with specific target groups in order to hit your desired segments more precisely. We can combine data from a variety of options – and create super optimized target groups.

We can even combine it with contextual targeting[link] or even digitalized archetypes[link]. No matter who you’re looking for, we can find them.

Combined with the Fan Engagement Factor[link], STEP Sport & Entertainment publishers – the clubs and federations – can help the sponsors digitally in a brand new way.

Simultaneously, the Sports & Entertainment publishers will have access to insights about fan audience, fan data and look-a-likes, which will optimize ticket- and merchandise sales.

There’s a wide range of possibilities, and we would love to tell you more about them.

Steen Leth-JørgensenHead of Sport & Entertainment+45 20 20 13 70stele@step-se.comlinkedin

Want to know more?

Then get in touch with Steen. He has worked with sponsorships (sports, culture and NGOs), analysis, activation and TV / media rights for +30 years in the Danish, European and global market. If you get hold of a friendly and calm man, you know you’ve gotten hold of the right Steen.