Digital income for the Sport & Entertainment industry

For years, the Sport and Entertainment industry has produced a huge portion of the content we love to see online. But when it comes to generating income from that content they have been left behind, watching the money stream down the deep pockets of big tech companies.

With Programmatic Sponsorship from STEP Sport & Entertainment, this has come to an end. Say hello to a fair future.


For many years, sponsorships have been all about branding, awareness, events, and B2B-hospitality. STEP is here to change that. We want to deliver digital leads directly to the sponsors.
With our DMP (Data Management Platform), you get deep insights into your fans’ habits and buying intentions. Here’s how it works:

  • We start by collecting GDPR compliant cookie consent from the sport publishers’ (clubs and federations) websites and other digital touchpoints.
  • Once the sport publisher has a cookie acceptance, we can start collecting fan data and let the sponsors target fans with advertising in the same way media websites target advertisers.

STEP’s SportDMP enables targeted advertising on the sport publisher’s digital touchpoints (e.g. website, app, newsletter) and on 3rd party commercial sites. This way publishers can collect cookies from their touchpoints and retarget fans with relevant content. 24-7-365.

Sponsors in Denmark already spend 50-70% of their marketing budget on digital marketing. So why not create better and more relevant digital presence for the sponsors?

Steen Leth-JørgensenHead of Sport & Entertainment+45 20 20 13 70stele@step-se.comlinkedin

Want to know more?

Then get in touch with Steen. He has worked with sponsorships (sports, culture and NGOs), analysis, activation and TV / media rights for +30 years in the Danish, European and global market. If you get hold of a friendly and calm man, you know you’ve gotten hold of the right Steen.