STEP Sport & Entertainment. Rethinking programmatic advertising

Profitable programmatic advertising for both sponsors and publishers

We’re on a mission! For far too long publishers in the Sport & Entertainment industry have missed out on revenue. They haven’t seen the profit of the huge amount of SoMe content created by either their publishers, fans or other relations. Basically, they haven’t been rewarded properly for their work. With a groundbreaking new take on programmatic advertising, STEP Sport & Entertainment are here to change that.

We want to close the gap between effort and reward, and we want to bring back fairness into the world of Sport & Entertainment publishing. That’s why we have introduced Programmatic Sponsorship.


A bit about STEP Sport & Entertainment

STEP Sport & Entertainment is the data, technology, and commercial partner that digitally powers the Sport and Entertainment industry. We’re the ones creating the ecosystem that connects Sport and Entertainment publishers with their commercial partners.

We are the trusted partner of over 100 highly profiled sports organizations, capturing the highest quality data for many leagues and federations and turning it into actual profit.

We let sport publishers take control of their official data and help them create direct connections between the actual needs of the fans and the commercial offering from the sponsors.

At the same time, we create relevant fan insights and can act quickly with fan offerings e.g., tickets, season cards or merchandise.

Steen Leth-JørgensenHead of Sport & Entertainment+45 20 20 13 70stele@step-se.comlinkedin

Want to know more?

Then get in touch with Steen. He has worked with sponsorships (sports, culture and NGOs), analysis, activation and TV / media rights for +30 years in the Danish, European and global market. If you get hold of a friendly and calm man, you know you’ve gotten hold of the right Steen.